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Kingston full size snooker table

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Based on a classic Victorian style with a solidity appropriate for modern snooker tournament play

Kingston full size boardroom (layout) table

Full size table with optional 5-piece sectional boardroom top

Full size snooker table with matching lightshade

Kingston full size snooker table in dark oak

Shown here in stained dark oak. French polishing also offered.
Also offered in mahogany and all other popular hardwoods

Price guide



10ft 9ft 8ft


8500 7900 7500 6500

includes VAT and full luxury accessory pack



Free Playing Accessories

  • Aramith Snooker Balls

  • 15 ball wood triangle

  • 6 piececue rack

  • 6 x 1 piece Ash cues

  • 5 x Maple rest sticks

  • 2 x Cross-rest heads

  • 1 x Spider head

  • 1 x Extended spider

  • 1 x Span rest head

  • 2 x Butt head

  • 1 x Long tackle set

  • 1 x 12ins nylon Brush

  • 1 x 12ft table cover

  • 1 x doz triangle chalk


Personalised scoreboard

personalise scoreboard

Personalised table

end table peronalisation

Light shade option

Option of light shade in matching wood or aluminium. Lightshade bespoke to each table, and precision made to a perfect angle of light-spread

All tables are made in our workshop in Kingston upon Hull

Kingston full size snooker table with wood light shade

Choice of napped cloth colours

Choice of snooker table cloth colours

Contact Details

For more information on the Kingston table email



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