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1. About Full Size Snooker Tables

2. Pricing Info

3. Room Sizes

4. Table Personalisation

5. Delivery and Installation

6. Full Size Snooker Table Variations

7. Contact Details

8. Our policies: COVID, privacy and cookies


1. About Full Size Snooker Tables

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Barton Billiards of Hull have been making snooker tables for over 30 years. Alongside and in cooperation with Snooker and Pool Services of Bournemouth during this same period.

Then, there were many prestigious UK manufacturers satisfying an expanding demand for traditional snooker. Popularised by TV coverage and the opening of snooker clubs in most towns.

Now, because of the popularity of English Pool and modern snooker diners, low cost imported family billiard tables dominate the domestic market. Consequently there are relatively few remaining snooker table makers who specialise in traditional full size tables. Matchsnooker is essentially a cooperative drawing together those specialist traditional skills of bespoke UK table-making with the same skills required for installing and maintaining a full size snooker table for consistent precision play. These skills and experience have been developed further over this 30 year period. The tables featured are examples of original designs developed by Barton Billiards for whom the Matchsnooker website was first developed 20 years ago.

Matchsnooker presents tables designed by Barton Billiards and also works with Snooker and Pool Services [external link]

Matchsnooker also works in cooperation with The Snooker Service Company of Germany [external link]

And also with Lafuge Billiards of France [external link]

Competition Standard Made to Order

All tables are made to order, complying with international match-play standards. Pockets sizes and cushion-rubber thicknesses conform to the playing of a full size snooker ball, and all other tournament rules as specified under section 1 WBSA rules. Herewith below is the appropriate extract from those published rules

Table Specs:

(a) The Playing Area of a full size snooker table

The playing area is within the cushion faces and shall measure 11ft 8 in x 5ft 10ins (3569 mm x 1778 mm) with a tolerance on both dimensions of +/- in (13 mm).

(b) Height of a full size snooker table

The height of the table from the floor to the top of the cushion rail shall be 2 ft 10 in (864 mm) with a tolerance of +/- in (13 mm).

(c) Baulk-line and Baulk for a full size snooker table

A straight line drawn 29 in (737 mm) from the face of the Bottom Cushion, and parallel to it, running from side cushion to side cushion is called the Baulk-line. That line and the intervening space is termed Baulk.

(d) The D

The D is a semi-circle marked in Baulk with the centre of its straight section in the middle of the Baulk-line and with a radius of 11 in (292 mm).

(e) Pocket Openings and Slate thicknesses

There shall be a pocket at each of the four corners of the table and one each at the middle of the longer sides. Precise specifications or slate thicknesses and pocket openings agreed with slate quarries by Snooker governing bodies.  

(f) Snooker Cues

A cue shall be not less than 3 ft (914 mm) in length and shall show no change from the traditional tapered shape and form, with a tip, used to strike the cue-ball, secured to the thinner end.

Important please note: a normal full size cue is around 57 inches. When the rules stipulate a minimum size of 3ft (36inches) it is not intended to suggest a game on a full size table could ordinarily be played with such as short cue. This specification is to allow tight shots to be played where there is limited space. It should not be used as measurement guide when planning the space required for a table installation. Indeed to retain the playing integrity for a full size table ideally a minimum 57 inches perimeter should be calculated. If space is tight then a smaller table should be considered (10ft or 9ft).     

Full Size Snooker tables around the world

Matchsnooker facilitates commissions for snooker tables throughout the UK and Ireland. There are agents covering Germany, Cyprus and Switzerland. Matchsnooker can arrange and facilitate personal installations for bespoke snooker tables anywhere around the world.

2. Snooker Table Pricing Info

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The price of a full size snooker table promoted on the Internet can vary between a few hundred pounds for unwanted salvaged tables and a several thousand pounds. Because a full size table can literally last forever (snooker table slates will never degrade and protected hardwoods will never lose their structure) there is an ever growing national stock. The price variations reflect the difference between the salvage value of unwanted tables, and the current retail price of a bespoke, modern-tournament table, built to your own design and style preferences. Should you wish us to give you a pricing guide email us first with a preliminary outline of your requirements and we will be pleased to respond.


Available in all hardwoods and in a range of finishes including French polishing

  • matching wood-tops made to order

  • option of personalised table plus option of personalised handmade scoreboard

  • optional and variable accessory packs available, according to size of table and to furniture preference

  • delivery and installation costs according to location, and table size

  • option of traditional light shades in matching wood or aluminium, or modern multi shades 

3. Snooker Room Sizes

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For serious snooker you need to allow at least a full size cue length (57-58 inches) as a perimeter to surround the play surface of the snooker table. If you prefer to play with a shorter cue, perhaps with a smaller table, then the room size can be smaller. The chart below offers sample room dimensions as a preliminary guide. Always check with us on precise room sizing and layout before placing an order

  58" cue 52" cue 48" cue
12ft table 22'x16' *** ***
10ft table 20'x15' *** ***
  9ft table 19'x14' *** ***
  8ft table 18'x14' 17'x13' 16'x12'

4. Snooker Table Personalisation

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personalised scoreboard        

End panels or side panels can be etched to signify a name or branding. Tables and scoreboards can be coordinated and personalised for private or commercial use. Table cloths can also be overprinted with logos or other chosen images and patterns

Snooker table cloth

We can fit cloth to snooker tables in all colours and types. Our normal cloth supplier is Hainsworth, although any manufacturer's cloth can be sourced (cloth swatches will be sent prior to order)


5. Delivery and Installation

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Attention to every detail

Commissions for full size snooker tables are normally agreed by email and phone conversations. Visits to the the table maker's workshop can be arranged prior to a commission Every aspect of the commission will ensure that (a) we build the exact full size snooker table you want, and equally important (b) we plan for all contingencies in the delivery and installation sequence.

Measurements, Lighting and Dining

Dimensions of your room, and your desired optimum play experience, are the prime critical factors. Will the positioning of your full size snooker table require a surrounding convivial space? Which is the preferred method of table lighting, and are the electrics in situ? Is there sufficient flooring strength to sustain a full size snooker table? What is the preferred fixed playing height if the full size snooker table is also to double as a dining or conference table?

Site survey?

A full size table has long beams and incorporates extremely heavy 5-piece slates. If there is no adjacent access, or if the snooker room is not on the ground floor, or the room is peculiar, we may need to supervise a pre-install survey of the location.

Because of these variable issues, not least the travelling distances and the location, we normally apply a delivery and installation cost-schedule to all customer commissions for full size snooker tables.

Installations are based on full-cost allocation, including a 2-man dedicated installation team, and an exclusive us-to-you delivery, at a mutually agreed time and date.

Cost guide code Delivery to:
Regions ▼
Includes areas: Main Cities:
B North West Cheshire, Cumbria, Lancashire, Manchester, Merseyside Liverpool, Manchester, Salford, Lancaster
C North East Cleveland,
County Durham, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear
Sunderland, Newcastle upon Tyne
A Yorkshire East Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Wakefield, Hull, York
C West Midlands Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, West Midlands, Worcestershire Birmingham, Coventry, Stoke-on-Trent, Wolverhampton
C East Midlands Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Rutland Nottingham, Leicester, Derby
C Eastern Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk Peterborough
D South East
Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Kent, London, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, Surrey, West Sussex, Greater London London, Brighton, Southampton, Westminster, Portsmouth, Oxford
C South West Avon, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire Bournemouth, Poole, Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth
E Scotland North Aberdeen and Grampian, Highlands, Orkney, Shetland, Western Isles Aberdeen
E Scotland Central Argyll and Stirling, Dundee & Angus, Fife, Perthshire Dundee
D Scotland South Ayrshire and Arran,Borders,Dumfries and Galloway, Edinburgh and Lothian,Glasgow and Clyde Valley Glasgow, Edinburgh
C Wales North Clwyd, Dyfed, Gwynedd, Powys  
B Wales South Glamorgan, Gwent Cardiff, Swansea
POA Northern Ireland   Belfast

6. Full Size Snooker Table Variations

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All variable snooker table specifications are agreed with the client

Choice of Wood

Any hardwood can be ordered, with any type of finish, including French polishing. The most popular woods for snooker tables are oak, mahogany, beech and ash. Walnut and other exotic wood can also be obtained. All parts are made from solid hardwoods for durability and accuracy.

Choice of Slate Bed

5-piece Italians slate is normally used for a full size snooker table, although prized Welsh slate is occasionally available.

 slate bed for full size snooker table

Contact Details

Tell us the size and model and we will respond by email.

In the first instance please email us at:


The email link will be tagged as:

"Query from Matchsnooker Homepage"

We will respond by email.

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Matchsnooker logo


There is much ambiguity over the term "snooker table".

On the one hand it is a table on which to play the specific game of "snooker", the billiards cue sport invented by British Army officers in 1884, and for which the rules are now strictly regulated by the WPBSA.

On the other, it is a broad term to describe a table on which any number of billiard games may be played.

Matchsnooker interprets both definitions. First we make full size snooker tables (12ft x 6ft) to comply rigidly with WPBSA tournament rules. And we also make a range of additional tables sizes (8ft, 9ft, 10ft) that allows for a specific, or a combination of, cue sports.

Ultimately it is the varying size of ball that determines the main table game variants (pocket openings and cushion depth).

billiard ball size chart

If we use a "diner" top for a full size table, it would normally be for boardroom meetings or banquets. If the table is used for competition play it has to be set at a playing height of 34 inches, which restricts practical dining. However it is possible to vary the playing height to accommodate seating. The weight of the table requires 8 sturdy-legs as support. It follows therefore that a "diner" top is more practical for layout meetings or self-serve buffets. The removable top would be in 5 separate sections, overlapping the cushion rails with a "skirt." Should you to create a "dual" purpose full size snooker table, whatever might be the secondary use, there are many other design options which can be explored.

9ft and 10ft snooker tables

These are normally referred to as "three quarter size" tables, which again for serious play would be fixed at a playing height of 34 inches unless otherwise requested, and would supported by 6 legs or 8 legs respectively.

8ft snooker tables

8ft (or half-size tables) bridge the gap between competition snooker which plays a full size snooker ball, and "snooker-pool" which plays a 2inch ball, permitting either 10-reds snooker or pub-pool. The latter is played at 31-inch playing height. With the option to use 4 legs this is most practical and optimises a snooker dining table application.


For those considering a full size or undersize snooker table, and to broaden its "convivial" dining functionality, it is clear there are many considerations which we have only touched upon. Please get in touch for  more personalised advice.

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Our Policies: Privacy and Cookies


We observe and comply with all and current UK regulations governing the COVID pandemic. We will not and can not enter into binding contractual obligations until and unless there is a reciprocal and specified agreement on full compliance..

We present informative product information on full size snooker tables, in a non-intrusive  manner, and in a way that conforms to UK statutory regulations.

Our aim is to best facilitate sales information that is peculiar to the complexities associated with a bespoke made-to-order service. We will rely - initially and primarily - on email interactions

The site will provide an aid-to-research for those seeking information prior to the possible purchase a full size snooker table.

We will not accept payments directly through this website nor will we operate a shopping basket system. Specifically, we will not incorporate customer log-ins, nor will we allow 3rd-party advertising within any of our pages. Therefore we do not anticipate Internet privacy issues concerning financial data or of general intrusion.

Nor is there any wider issue over the use of Cookies. Indeed we do not knowingly place cookies. We will, occasionally, rely on the Google Adwords system to encourage visitors to our site.

We will only collect customer details from these pages in response to customer-originated enquiries emanating from emails.

For this we will observe our obligations under the UK Data Protection Act.

We will not release customer information to third parties other than that is necessary in the fulfilment of customer orders.

End of policy notice.

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