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Kingston full size snooker table in solid oak and green cloth

The Kingston Full Size Snooker Table

A Victorian-styled but supremely modern competition-standard full size snooker table. We showcase this finest model, designed and made by Alan Phillips of Kingston upon Hull

We also present details on other full size snooker tables

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The price of a full size snooker table promoted on the Internet can vary between a few hundred and a several thousand pounds. Because a full size table can literally last forever (snooker table slates will never degrade and protected hardwoods will never lose their structure) there is an ever growing national stock. The price variations reflect the difference between the salvage value of unwanted tables, and the current retail price of a bespoke, modern-tournament table, built to your own design and style preferences.



10ft 9ft 8ft


8500 8000 7500 7000

Inclusive of VAT and accessories. Excludes variable delivery.



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For serious snooker you need to allow at least a full size cue length (57-58 inches) as a perimeter to surround the play surface of the snooker table. If you prefer to play with a shorter cue, perhaps with a smaller table, then the room size can be smaller. The chart below offers sample dimensions as a preliminary guide. Always check with us on precise room sizing and layout before placing an order

  58" cue 52" cue 48" cue
12ft table 22'x16' *** ***
10ft table 20'x15' *** ***
9ft table 19'x14' *** ***
  8ft table 18'x14' 17'x13' 16'x12'



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Attention to every detail

Commissions for full size snooker tables are normally agreed by email and phone conversations and,where practical, visiting (by appointment) our workshop in Hull. Every aspect of the commission will ensure that (a) we build the exact full size snooker table you want, and equally important (b) we plan for all contingencies in the delivery and installation sequence.

Measurements, Lighting and Dining?

Dimensions of your room, and your desired optimum play experience, are the prime critical factors. Will the positioning of your full size snooker table require a surrounding convivial space? Which is the preferred method of table lighting, and are the electrics in situ? Is there sufficient flooring strength to sustain a full size snooker table? What is the preferred fixed playing height if the full size snooker table is also to double as a dining or conference table?

Site survey?

A full size table has long beams and incorporates extremely heavy 5-piece slates. If there is no adjacent access, or if the snooker room is not on the ground floor, or the room is peculiar, we may need to supervise a pre-install survey of the location.

Because of these variable issues, not least the travelling distance from Hull, we apply a delivery and installation cost-schedule to all customer commissions for full size snooker tables.

see regional schedule



Alan Phillips in his Hull workshop making traditional bespoke snooker tables

Bespoke Full Size Tables by Alan Phillips

Alan Phillips, owner of Matchsnooker, has been making snooker tables for over 30 years. Equally important, he has played competition snooker at the highest regional level. Therefore not only does he know how a competition snooker table should be made, he knows how it should play.

All tables are made to order, complying with international match-play standards. Pockets sizes and cushion-rubber thicknesses conform to the playing of a full size snooker ball, and all other tournament rules as specified under section 1 of the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association.

Personalisation for full size snooker tables

personalised scoreboard personalised snooker table

Scoreboards can be coordinated and personalised for private or commercial use. Cloths can also be overprinted with logos or other chosen images and patterns. Table end panels, or side panels, can be etched to signify a name or branding.

Made to order full size snooker tables

All tables are made by commissions only. Snooker table specifications are agreed with the client. Any hardwood can be ordered, with any type of finish, including French polishing. The most popular woods for snooker tables are oak, mahogany, beech and ash. Walnut and other exotic wood can also be obtained.

Full size snooker tables around the world

Alan takes on commissions for snooker tables throughout the UK and Ireland. He has agents covering Germany, Cyprus and Switzerland. He can arrange personal installations for his bespoke snooker tables anywhere around the world

Snooker table cloth.

We can fit cloth to snooker tables in all colours and types. Our normal cloth supplier is Hainsworth, although any manufacturer's cloth can be sourced (cloth swatches will be sent prior to order)



If you have any queries please email:

Alan Phillips Snooker
West Point Trading Park
Liverpool Street
Hull HU3 4UU

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